management consulting

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If you have big dreams to make it big in entertainment and Hollywood, get guidance and direction from a professional entertainment management company! LATM can help build your Hollywood dreams!

Many talent wish to get information on how to grow their career.  LATM provides entertainment management consulting advice without signing a contract! Our team is highly qualified to offer sound advice to aspiring and established talent, managers, talent developers, indie record labels, and production companies. Our team is made up of professionals with decades of experience in the entertainment industries.  

LATM offers consulting services in all phases of the entertainment industry.  LATM can consult on talent development, marketing/branding, contracts, minors in the entertainment industry, entertainment contract negotiations, distribution strategies, merchandising and licensing deals.  LATM helps aspiring talent get their careers started so that LATM can then take on their management!   


Here's What YOU Will BE CONSULTED ON:​

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