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LATM Talent Management Services:

LATM manages talent only on contingency! This means there are no upfront fees! LATM only gets paid a percentage if the Talent gets paid!

Evaluation or Subscription Process:

Do I have to sign a contract?

We do not sign contracts for Talent Career Evaluation calls. Our subscription service is on a Month to Month basis.

Should I quit my job?
No, we don’t know where your career will go, until after evaluating.

Why do I have to pay?
You are paying for a service to help you get started in the industry. This includes our evaluation of where you are now in your career and we inform you on how to progress.  Evaluation and subscription clients are not considered to be managed Talent.  LATM does not charge upfront fees for management of its Talent!

Does everyone pay the same price?
Yes, all evaluation and subscription clients pay the same price for our evaluation call. All talent clients pay the same rate for our evaluations and monthly subscription plans.

Why should I pay you for something that should be free? Who said it should be free? Do you value your career and want to succeed?

You are paying for yourself to get the advice and proper tips to get started in the industry.  If you get to where LATM thinks we can successfully manage your career, we can then talk!

Are you my agent? If you aren’t my agent, why am I paying you?
No, we are not agents. You are paying for your career evaluation and your access to our knowledge, relationships, and guidance.

How long should I stay subscribed with LATM?
It’s up to you. It’s a simple month to month deal.  We don't even require you to sign a contract! Hopefully we enter a management agreement when you are at the right point in your career! We want you to succeed!

Can I make a payment arrangement for The Subscription services?
We can discuss this option after we do the initial Evaluation call.

Is there a discount for families?
Yes, we are open to offering family discounts once we have made a decision on who in the family we think has the most potential in the industry.  LATM also works with minor children who want to get in the industry!

Am I guaranteed castings or work if I pay the monthly subscription fee?
No, we would never make open-ended promises! We will be honest with you! We don’t guarantee castings, but we do guarantee that we will give you our best to help get you started and advance your career.

Do you provide for travel and lodging?
No we do not, but an employer may if they are interested in booking you down the road after we start to prepare you for your career.

Are there classes included in the monthly fee?
No, however we do provide with our relationships to the top coaches and instructors in the industry.

Why do I have to pay LATM monthly?
It maintains and shows us your commitment to your success and our teachings as well as continued access to our expertise.

Am I able to switch out the card I’m paying with monthly?
Yes, you can contact our Evaluation/Subscription department by phone (310) 498-2750, or email: 

What if I don’t book anything?
If you stick to our program regularly and you are open to most of our advice, we are sure you will book something! In the meantime, stay involved with us so we can help! 

Why does LATM have a monthly rate?
We help our talent become successful by providing them with the necessary tools and resources to get started and you have access to our expertise in the industry. But remember, we are not an agency! We do not book gigs, but when you reach the point in your career and are ready for our Management Services, then you will be on a contract and LATM only gets paid a small percentage when the Talent gets paid!

Are there any hidden fees?
No, our fees are fully disclosed and explained during your first evaluation call. If you choose to be involved in our subscription service, we will let you know in advance, there may be a cost for your first professional Headshot or Photography session. These images are usually the first step in your process. There are no other fees charged by LATM!!

How does LATM help people?
We work with the 99% of talent that are not signed to an agency. We help our talent by providing them with exposure through our industry network. While we help our talent get prepared and trained properly, we also provide them with the right guidance for success in Hollywood.

What features do I get with my LATM Monthly payment subscription?
You get our full support. Our staff is here to help you along the way with any questions you have. You will have our full team helping you with the resources you need to further advance your career, like our relationships with photographers, coaches, classes, etc. 

What if I don’t live near  LATM offices, is there another way?
That's okay! We work with clients and talent all across the globe!

Who will see or have access to my personal information that I leave with LATM?
Your information is private and our consultations with you are fully confidential!

Who do I contact at LATM if I have questions during any part of the process?
You can contact our office or you can reach our talent services department by phone (310) 498-2750, or via email: 

What do you have to look like to work with your company?
We work with all types of people, LATM is preparing Talent for all types of roles and positions in the industry. That is what makes entertainment so unique, there is always a role for every shape, size, ethnicity, color, age, etc...

Can I transfer to another area once I pay?
Yes, once you sign up with LATM, you are in our nationwide network, which means we can counsel and help you out wherever you are located. 


Do I need professional photography?
Professional photography can help market you. We can work with you. If you are not ready now, you can still work on other areas without professional photos, but your chances do increase with better pictures done by our reputable photographers.

How important are professional photos if I’m only looking to do acting or modeling jobs?
Actors and models need good professional headshots to represent themselves in many different looks, this will give you a larger character scale, which turns into more auditions for you.

Can I use my own photographer?
Sure you can. We would like to know who the photographer is, and we must approve and we would like to see samples of their work.

Intellectual Property Protection:

What is intellectual property ("IP")?

IP is the product of your intellectual labor, which is important for creative people in the industry.  IP consists of copyrights, trademarks, and patents.  LATM will help you protect what you work hard to create!  Contact LATM to discuss more about copyrights and trademarks!


What ages do you work with?
All Ages are welcome! However, anyone under the age of 18, must have a parent or guardian sign an approval on their behalf before any evaluation or subscription process commences.  Special rules and laws regulate minors in the industry! 

I am already with an Agency, is that a problem?
No, we can help supplement the work your agency is providing you. LATM will work closely with any representation you may already have!

How did you get my information?
The appropriate response is: “You either filled out an application, someone you have done business with in the past, or someone that we are currently doing business with thought we would be a good fit.”

Do you call everyone who applies?
We’re LATM, we give everyone a shot at the initial evaluation. The subscription process is limited to only those we feel are a good fit and have potential in the entertainment industry.  But LATM is very selective with who is provided management services!

Is this a union paid agency or non-union?
We are not an Agency and we are not affiliated with any unions.

I sent my information/pictures through the site; is that why I was called back?
Yes, our Director of Talent saw something in you! LATM has reviewed your application and we would like to learn more about you.

Can I call the office if I have questions?
Yes, we are available to answer any questions you may have.

Are you a modeling/acting school?
No, LATM is a Talent Management Company that manages Talents careers, and also provides a career building services.

Do I need to have experience?
No, we work with all levels of experience, that is basically what we are here to help you build.

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