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latm represents international talent throughout the world! 

LATM assists in the O-1 Visa process by serving as the Agent Petitioner for immigration purposes.  Contact LATM for more information or click below to download LATM's Management and O-1 Visa Agent Petitioner Package.  

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Los Angeles Talent Management assists international artists, actors, actresses, models, and entertainment professionals obtain the required visa to work in the United States by serving as the “Agent Petitioner” for the artist.  LATM acts as the U.S. agent for the purpose of applying for an O-1 Visa on behalf of the artist.  It is still important to note that LATM is not in the business of procuring employment as that term is legally interpreted and shall not be considered an agent pursuant to any codes, regulations, or laws, including the California Talent Agency Act.  LATM serves as the representative for the visa process.  

The artist must qualify for the O visa by providing evidence of extraordinary ability in the arts or in the motion picture and television field. When it comes to extraordinary individuals, the United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS) states:

You can qualify by showing that you have at least three of the following achievements.

  • The lead or starring role in a production or project

  • A large salary that shows your achievement

  • Having received national or international recognition for your achievements

  • The lead or starring role in a well-known organization

  • Published reviews of your work or work you were involved in that demonstrate your success

  • Recognition for your achievements from reputable organizations in your industry

A petition filed by an agent must also include a copy of the contract or written summary of the terms of employment (including compensation details) between the parties and an itinerary of all of the performances and engagements for which O-1 employment authorization is sought.  Evidence of compensation helps establish that the petitioner is authorized to act as an agent. 

LATM will serve as the agent petitioner for the artist throughout the duration of artist's visa. If artist’s O-1 petition is approved, then the artist may be granted an initial stay of three years with the opportunity to extend indefinitely until the projects in the U.S. that the artist is involved have been completed.

Typically, production companies, studios, networks, and other entertainment entities prefer that an O-1 visa holder’s petitioner is an actual talent agent, talent manager, or business manager. Within the entertainment industries, the majority of talented musicians, artists and actors retain an agent or manager, such as LATM, who can represent them for work in the U.S and sponsor the artist’s O-1 petition. Particularly because if the artist will work concurrently for more than one employer within the same time period, each employer must file a separate petition with the United States Citizenship and Immigration Service Center, unless a U.S. agent files the O-1 petition for the artist.  There is a clear advantage to using LATM as the artist's U.S. agent rather than direct employers if artist will be working for multiple employers during the artist’s stay.

LATM will work closely with the artist’s legal counsel to make sure the immigration process is successful.  However, the O-1 visa is one of the most prestigious nonimmigrant visas available. Because of this, the USCIS evaluates each case under very stringent rules. If the evidence the artist submits does not satisfy the evaluating officer, the artist could experience a rejection, denial, or delay of its O-1 visa status.  This is why it is important for the artist to work closely with LATM in order to make sure the process is successful.  

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