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LATM serves as Producer Representative to entertainment professionals involved in projects across multi media platforms. LATM consults with producers on investment deals, raising equity capital, and establishing contacts with financial institutions in order to obtain financing.  LATM provides management services to prominent photography professionals.  LATM assists writers and content creators in maximizing their revenue.  LATM's experience in intellectual property rights allows LATM to best serve its talent in these highly transactional industries.  LATM also consults and collaborates with industry professionals to establish and grow professional brands across all platforms.  LATM has a vast network of industry leaders and professionals.  LATM utilizes its network and contacts to best serve the needs of its talent clients.    

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LATM maintains a professional relationship with The Only Timeline, LLC (TOTL), which is a team of talented leaders who specialize in creating world-class social media content for brands.  TOTL creates social media content using a community network of creatives to produce the most original, genuine, and inspiring content experiences.


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  • USN Veteran, Professional Content Creator 

  • Here to provide each client with quality media and content creation with guaranteed satisfaction from you and your audience 

  • Photographer - Videographer

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