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We are committed to managing, developing, and growing Hollywood's top talent.  Our unique team's experience in entertainment law, industry deals, and Hollywood's exclusive connections set our company apart from all others in the industry. 

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Terms & Conditions: There is no guarantee that Prospective Talent will be accepted and there is no need to call LATM to follow up or to check the status of Prospective Talent's submission. All submissions will be reviewed accordingly, and Prospective Talent will be contacted only when LATM has an opening, or when LATM has a specific project to be discussed with Prospective Talent. If Prospective Talent has more info or updates later, please provide a new additional submission with all Prospective Talent's updated information to be reconsidered.  Submitting information and material to LATM does not create a binding agreement and does not create a Talent-Manager relationship.  In order for LATM to provide management services a further written agreement is required.  This serves as a license granted by Prospective Talent and express permission and consent of Prospective Talent to use Prospective Talent's image and/or likeness in association with the LATM website, promotions, and/or advertising. This also serves as a Release and Waiver of all alleged claims for violation of rights of Prospective Talent, including but not limited to intellectual property rights, privacy rights, and/or publicity rights.  Before LATM offers management services on a commission percentage basis, LATM reserves the right to selectively interview its prospective talent and request to review the revenue generated from the most recent entertainment jobs for which the prospective talent was involved and also the talent's gross annual revenue generated by entertainment related work within the past year, which may include letters from employers and income statements.  LATM does not provide legal services and Prospective Talent acknowledges that Prospective Talent is afforded the opportunity to seek independent legal counsel.  LATM does not make any guarantees or promises whatsoever. Prospective Talent waives any claim and releases all rights in the images submitted herein.  Prospective Talent permits, licenses, and grants LATM the right to publish the images on any social media or mediums in perpetuity for any purposes.      

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About LATM
About LATM


LATM was established with a commitment to developing talent and representing people in the entertainment industries. We have a well respected reputation and strong relationships with a vast network of industry professionals. We bring our own past experience in entertainment law and industry relations. LATM is dedicated to developing our talent to maximize their full potential. The strength of LATM is in its amazing talent clients.

LATM has an experienced background in entertainment production, commercial, commercial print, theatrical, multimedia, social media influence, branding, and among other areas in the entertainment and media industries. LATM has worked with talented professionals all across the globe. LATM cares about its clients as people first and is dedicated to their personal success.  



30-45 Minute Weekly Consultations. We will work closely with you and provide you with professional advice on developing your entertainment career. We will work with you to develop a clear vision, smart career goals, track your success with key performance indicators, career habits, and critical activities, as well as assist you in coordinating your time using performance-based scheduling.


Please note, Los Angeles Talent Management, LCC (LATM) does not provide legal advice or legal services. LATM does not engage in negotiations or in the procurement of employment, as such services are limited to licensed agents and other professionals licensed by the state.  LATM only offers management, consultation, and subscription services to entertainment professionals.  LATM has extensive entertainment industry experience and has established relationships with the top agencies, entertainment attorneys, and other entertainment professionals.  Legal services listed are not billed to LATM.  Legal services are billed directly to the attorney.    

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Los Angeles Talent Management, LLC (LATM) only offers management, consultation, and subscription services. LATM does not provide legal advise or legal services. LATM does not engage in the procurement of employment. Legal services are billed directly to the attorney.  

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