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Hazel Eyes

Dark Brown Hair

Non Union


My name is Anna, I am a Model, Actress and Realtor, I have zest for life, knowledge and new experiences and always improving myself as a person in all aspects and avenues of life. For me, I wasn't always this outgoing, vibrant and rambunctious socialite; rather I was very shy and withdrawn up until my junior year of high school; you're probably wondering where I grew up (Spokane, WA) boring I know! I thought so too. Jumping from my high school career I had taken a dual program which enabled me to finish my high school diploma and AA degree simultaneously so I hit the ground running; I had a background as a personal trainer and nutritionist so I dabbled in that world as I went on to pursue my Bachelor's of Business Degree on Purdue University's online curriculum; graduating in 2017 at age 21.


At that point I made it a decision to fervently pursue Real Estate and Modeling as I had done modeling previously and now with my free time and education; I had rekindled my passion fully.


I specialize in High Fashion, editorial, bikini and sports modeling and am currently signed with Model Couture and EMG Model@ who are agencies with offices in Los Angeles and New York.


Currently I am working on getting into bigger agencies as well as signing with a theatrical agency as well to jettison my entertainment career and grant my maximum exposure and prominence in those worlds.

Please also follow my ig @anna_alimani!


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